December 6, 2016

Doc Holliday

Even to this day, some 125 years later, the legend of Doc Holliday remains cloudy… he seemed to play both sides of the law at one time or another…he got the name Doc because he had earned a degree in dentistry…that was before he became a well-known gambler and gunfighter...Holliday moved to the southwest when he was diagnosed with a case of tuberculosis when he was only 20 years of age…it was out in the west where he took up gambling…and also acquired a reputation as a deadly gunfighter, although recent discoveries state that he ‘only’ killed somewhere between three and seven men…Holiday was a close friend of Wyatt Earp and was involved in the famous Gunfight at OK Corral…Holliday died on November 8, 1887 at the age of 36.

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