December 7, 2016

A Man and His Gun

You can pretty much trust guns to do what they’re supposed to do…take care of them and they will take care of you…guns are dependable…not so with the being holding the gun…they are impulsive, quick tempered, and seldom have any kind of conscious…you just can’t figure people out…it’s a waste of time to try…even the person closest to you most likely has a secret that they’ve never told you…put a gun in some people’s hand, and you’re likely to experience trouble, for a gun changes a man most times…he begins to hide behind it and it tends to become a shield or an accomplice in making a man different than when he’s without it…he becomes power hungry…or worse yet trigger happy…he feels it makes him better than anyone else and entitled to whatever he wants…it’s too bad, but some men find out the hard way that a gun doesn’t entitle them to anything…but maybe a quick death.

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