October 1, 2016

Jesse James

Jesse James was one of the most well-known outlaws of the Old West…he committed many crimes but for our purposes, let’s just say that along with his brother Frank, they robbed banks, trains, stagecoaches and spreading terror throughout the Midwest…they preferred to hide out in Missouri where they felt the most comfortable…ironically, it was one of his own gang members, Robert Ford, who shot James in the back of his head…killing him and ending his crime sprees…Ford surrendered to authorities and was charged with first degree murder. In just one day, Ford was indicted, pleaded guilty and sentenced to death by hanging, and then granted a full pardon by the Missouri Governor… Ford and his older brother Charles later performed paid re-enactments of the killing… Ford went on to drift around the West, operating different saloons and dance halls…Ford was shot to death at the age of 30 in Colorado.

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