October 4, 2016

Burt Alvord

Burt Alvord was an honest lawman who turned to a life of crime…in 1899, Alvord turned in his badge and almost immediately began committing crimes…in 1902, Alvord joined up and assisted the Arizona Rangers in capturing Mexican bandit Augustine Chacon, in exchange for a share of the reward money and a reduced sentence…Chacon was captured and later convicted of murder and hung…Alvord decided it was wiser not to surrender after all…after his change of heart, he was then pursued by the same Rangers he had helped…the Rangers then pursued him across the international border into Mexico, trapping him near Naco in February of 1904... Alvord would spend two years in prison… Following his release, he announced he was going to Central America… He was last seen in 1910 working as a canal employee… Alvord's last years are unknown.

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