September 28, 2016

Bert Casey

I’ve recently discovered an interest in the Old West…and in the outlaws who ran wild there…at least for a short time…thankfully there were brave lawmen and posse members who fought back against these killers… and there are many interesting stories…here’s one…Bert Casey was one of the most brutal killers to operate out of Oklahoma Territory. He and his gang were responsible for several savage murders…He once shot an innocent farmer who was some 400 yards away just to test out his new Winchester rifle… The reign of terror by Casey was finally ended by two of his former gang members who were promised pardons if they captured or killed their former leader… They went out and killed him…the year was 1903… Casey’s body went unclaimed by anyone and he was buried in the Boot Hill section of the local cemetery…a lonely end to the famed outlaws life.

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