October 27, 2010

The Many Universes Of Tao

In the universe of Tao, all things are seen, all things understood, all things forever in their proper places. We live in one universe, yet there are many sub-universes that we can make a home in, many worlds. We can follow the universal truth or we can follow something less. Why would we want to follow something less than the truth of Tao?

I cannot dwell in your universe or you mine yet our universes intertwine. It is vital we respect each other’s personal universe if we are to have peace; not “I demand respect” respect but respect based on knowing we each have a place in this world.

When it snows, all snowflakes fall in just the perfect place; all raindrops fall perfectly in a rainstorm even though it appears to be chaotic and happenstance. My universe is filled with stars, planets, and moons that have their unique orbits as does yours. There is plenty of space here for all universes and orbits if we respect the differences between them.